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Preparing Your Home for Showings

As tired and banal as these clichés may sound to you, the reason why they are clichés is because they are true. The decision to buy a house is not solely based upon rational factors such as price, location and accessibility to services. It is also an emotional choice. It is a search for a home, a place where one will find comfort, security and happiness, a place one would want to settle down and live in.

Emotions are set early, so it is important that minor, even typical, nuisances such as an unmowed lawn or a pile of boots by the door are looked after. After only fifteen seconds most buyers have already developed a perception of your property that will colour their feelings for the rest of the showing and perhaps dramatically affect their perceived value of the property.

Here are some suggestions for preparing your home for showing:

First Impressions - General

  • House exterior in good repair
  • House number easy to see
  • Touch up Exterior Paint
  • Eavestroughs, downspouts and soffits painted and in good repair
  • Garage/carport clean and tidy
  • Litter picked up
  • Cracked or broken window panes replaced
  • Wash all windows inside and out. Curtains and drapes should be fresh and attractive.
  • Adjust all doors, including closets and windows so they can be opened and closed.

First Impressions - Summer

  • Lawns cut and raked and watered
  • Plant flowers
  • Hedges and shrubs trimmed
  • Gardens weeded and edged
  • Clean driveways and sidewalks

First Impressions - Winter

  • Snow and ice cleared away from walks and driveway
  • Sidewalks sanded or salted
  • Boot tray inside front door


  • De-clutter all traffic areas
  • Remove junk from the attic, basement, closets and tool shed, and have a successful garage sale. Contribute whatever remains to the next garbage pickup or to a charity.
  • Organize the closets.
  • Water all dying plants or get rid of them.
  • Dust, clean and scrub everything, that means EVERYTHING from attic to basement.
  • Replace broken tiles on walls or floors and repaste loose or dangling wall paper.
  • Make the beds and keep all clothes out of sight.
  • Secure all banisters and handrails.
  • Remove posters and adhesive from walls and doors.
  • Paint the basement floor and walls if needed. If basement shows signs of any water or structural problems, a structural engineer's report is suggested.
  • Remove excess extension cords and exposed wires to lamps and fixtures.
  • Replace all broken screens, cracked window panes, faulty light fixtures, loose basement stair steps or anything else not in good working condition. 

At the Front Door

  • Doorbell works
  • Door hardware in good repair
  • Porch and foyer clean and tidy
  • Fresh air in house

Interior Maintenance

  • Cracked plaster repaired
  • Door knobs and cupboard latches tight
  • Furnace wiped down and cleaned
  • Burned out light bulbs replaced
  • Squeaky doors oiled
  • High watt light bulbs in dark rooms
  • Carpets freshly vacuumed & shampooed
  • Get all bugs and flies out of all light fixtures. Wash fixtures and bulbs.
  • Clean all rubbish out of all fireplaces, particularly the ones that have not been lit in the last three years.
  • Touch up paint or repaint


  • Mirrors, fixtures and taps cleaned and polished
  • Leaky taps and toilets repaired
  • Seals around tubs and basins in good repair
  • Floors cleaned, garbage containers emptied
  • Inside of cupboards and cabinets clean and neat
  • Towels clean and matching
  • Clutter put away
  • If you cannot get rid of stains in toilet bowl, buy a new one. This applies to all bathrooms, including the one in the basement that is seldom used.
  • Throw away the torn shower curtain and put up a new one.


  • Sinks and taps clean and polished
  • Appliances cleaned
  • Counter tops clear and polished
  • Inside of cupboards and cabinets clean and neat
  • Small appliances put away
  • Clutter put away
  • Remove every bit of grease from the inside of the oven or ovens and burner trays.

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