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10 Rules of a Successful Showing

  1. Leave the house during each showing!
    Don't stick around to answer questions. Buyers will feel it's your house-not possibly theirs. Buyers will not bring up their objections with you nearby, but they will discuss with the Real Estate Agent if you are not present. This gives the agent the opportunity to overcome the objections.
  2. Turn on every light in the house!
    Just before your home is being shown, turn on every light in the house including closets and bathrooms. This makes your house seem bright and cheerful, and avoids a situation where buyers are led down a dark hallway during the showing.
  3. Open all drapes, curtains and blinds! 
    It is very important that prospective buyers see your home in the very best "light". Be certain the windows have been cleaned, then let in all the light you can. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.
  4. Turn off the television! 
    It is difficult for your Real Estate Agent to keep the attention of prospects focused on your house when an interesting Oprah Winfrey or Jeopardy is competing for their attention. Turn it off before you leave the house!
  5. Turn on the stereo! 
    Turn on your best stereo to a soft, "easy listening" station, and turn the volume down low. Most buyers like to imagine themselves living in a peaceful, serene atmosphere.
  6. Keep all pets outdoors! 
    Your pets are of no interest whatsoever to buyers who may be considering your home. The distraction and inconvenience which a pet could cause should be eliminated. Keep pets outdoors.
  7. Lower the thermostat! 
    Or raise it! During hot summer months, lower the thermostat several degrees so buyers will notice the cool efficiency of your air conditioning system. In the winter, especially on bone-chilling days, raise the thermostat during the showing, making your home feel toasty warm.
  8. Build a blazing fire or turn on the Gas fire! 
    If you have enough notice, build a crackling fire in the fireplace on winter days, before you leave the house. What family wouldn't enjoy cozy evenings in front of the fire?
  9. Bake bread!
    To give your home the aroma of days gone by in grandmother's country kitchen, bake some fresh bread just before a showing. Some alternatives to baking bread might be warming cinnamon rolls in the oven, or perking a fresh pot of coffee.
  10. Stage your home for all it's worth!